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Salman Bhai Hiv Positive? 2.0

32 mins 2020 18+ Action, Drama, Suspense

Price: Rs.3/- Per Year Only


The movie takes you into the lives of the underworld wherein Salman and Ganti are small-time goons. They happen to fall into an incident that leads them to Salma and Kanu. Who are these girls and how a tragedy unfolds upon Salman is the film all about. Nevertheless, there is something that Salman and Salma come to know, which is just a part of the thrilling suspense, there is a bitter truth looming in the background which none of the characters is aware of. How HIV/AIDS is related to irresponsible behaviour is unveiled at a shocking climax.

Production Crew:
Executive Producer: Dheeraj Salian
Director: Anand Pandey, Sachin Sadanandan, Dheeraj Salian
Writer: Dheeraj Salian
Producer: Dheeraj Salian
Cinematographer: Anand Pandey
Camera Man: Anand Pandey, Sachin Sadanandan
Dialogue Writer: Ashish Badoni, Arindam Maity
Casting Director: Amandeep Walia
Makeup Artist: Farha Shaikh
Poetic Narration: Inderjeet Sokhi
Music Producer: Kushal Salian
Editor: Kushal Salian, Sachin Sadanandan
VFX: Rajesh Kumbhar
Sound Dubbing and Mixing: Siddhesh Mahapatra

Salman Bhai: Abhishek Devadiga
Ganti: Amit Lohia
Salma: Sheenz Arora
Kanu: Monika Chowdhury
Doctor: Poonam Chaudhary
Cab Driver: Anthony Dennis
Factory Owner: Amandeep Walia
Shooter 1: Krishna Bhatt
Shooter 2: Ravikant Wasnik
Target Victim: Suresh Purohit
Child: Niharika 
Mother: Sneha Ghunavat Shukla
Dead Husband: Shushant Giri
Maid: Manisha Arora
House Owner 1: Dhaval Dattani
House Owner 2: Naman

Background Actors: Ravi Shetty, Dheeraj Salian

Location Courtesy:
Anil Pawar
Dipesh Singh
Paras Nadukarni
Neeraj Menon
Sajeesh Pillai
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjeev Mishra