Submit Flix

Content Eligibility Criteria:

1) Minimum duration of the content should be 15 mins, maximum up to 180 mins.
2) Pornographic and nude content is not allowed.
3) Content shot on a mobile phone with a basic lapel mic recording does not qualify.
4) Content must be submitted along with its written script.
5) Content released on ad-based free platforms like YouTube, MX player, Dailymotion, among others, is not accepted.
6) Content released on subscription-based platforms like Amazon, Zee5, Voot, etc. can be accepted. 
7) Content unreleased on any subscription-based platform can be accepted.
8) The content should carry an art form example, cinema, music, standup comedy, singing, cooking, painting, magic, prank, yoga etc. Expert advice, interviews, podcasts will not be qualified.

Payout Criteria:

1) 80% of the revenue earned from the content goes to the producer/creator while 20% goes to Unseenflix. 
2) The split happens after an initial deduction of 2.36% of revenue as transaction fees and GST charges.
3) The revenue will be credited to the producer's account once every month.
4) The minimum revenue a content must generate is 1000 INR for a credit every month.
5) If the minimum amount of 1000 INR is not generated, then credit will happen once the content generates 1000 INR.